bow to sb/sth phrasal

bow to sb/sth phrasal
verb (T) to finally agree to do something that people want you to, even though you do not want to do it: Congress may bow to public pressure and lift the arms embargo. 2 noun
1 (C) the act of bending the top part of your body forward to show respect for someone
2 also bows the front part of a ship
-compare stern 2
3 take a bow if someone takes a bow, they come on the stage at the end of a performance so that people can applaud them
3 noun
1 (C) a weapon used for shooting arrows (arrow (1)), made of a long thin curved piece of wood
2 (C) a knot of cloth or string with a curved part on either side, used especially for decoration: Ella wore a big bow in her hair.
3 (C) a long thin piece of wood with a tight string fastened along it, used to play musical instruments that have strings
4 bow legs legs that curve outwards at the knees
-see also: have more than one string to your bow string 1 (8) 4 verb
1 (I) to bend or curve
2 (I, T) to play a piece of music on a musical instrument with a bow 3 (3)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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